3v1 Rotating Defenders

3v1 Rotating Defenders Instructions:

1. Defender passes the ball the furthest player.
2. The defender steps into the grid, trying to disrupt the flow of passing by clearance or possession.
3. The 3 attackers on the outside try to connect 10 passes or nutmeg the defender. 4. Once the play is dead, the attacker that cause the turnover goes to defence and the defender take his spot as 3rd attacker.

Coaching Points:

Attack Focus
1. Passing Triangle: Weight, Timing, Accuracy.
2 Quality of first touch, keep the ball moving.
3. Communication: Speech, Gestures, Eye Contact
4. Off ball movement to create better angles of support.
5. Quality of decisions made.
6. Tempo.

Here is an exercise to help the players with their Passing and Receiving Technique.

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