50 Soccer Training Exercises

50 Soccer Training Exercises

50 Soccer Training Exercises

Now available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

My name is Pierce Hugh Campbell and I am a soccer (football) coach living in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. I am the Head Coach of SC Toronto’s U21 Men’s team and U21 Women’s Team. The club is located in Downtown Toronto. I have experience training both male and female players from U7 to U21.

The primary focus of this e-book is to help coaches and clubs with their U11-U15 team training sessions.

I’m not claiming my way is the best way, just a perspective. What would happen if we combine perspectives though?When you look at the 50 soccer training exercises in this book, I want you to relate them to the sessions that you run for your players. What would you do differently? How would you take my session up a level? How will you take your training session up a level?

Can you combine some of your ideas with mine? Imagine we enter a dialogue where you propose 3 ideas and I propose 3 ideas. We would leave that conversation with over 10 new ideas due to the butterfly effect. The standard of our sessions would evolve exponentially. Networking as coaches is key!

Some session topics in this e-book include warm-ups, passing, receiving, shooting, attacking, defending and combination play exercises. A reminder that these are intended for younger players. Give me a few years and I will compile a list of sessions for players U16 to U21. As coaches we must always be learning and growing so we can create the optimal environments for our players.

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Email: soccerwizdom@gmail.com

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