Canadian Premier League – Brief Overview

A thrilling soccer match excites fans around the globe. Soccer is a sport for all ages. It brings families, friends and even co-workers together. The idea of premier leagues took the world by storm. It revolutionized the entire game world. Soccer has become one of the most famous sports across the globe. For all the soccer fans out there, here is everything you need to know about the latest Canadian Premier League.

The idea of CPL!

The Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young, along with other investors, teamed up with Canada Soccer to help spring out new talented athletes for professional teams or a Canadian league. The Canadian Premier League was formed with the main goal of developing the national soccer talent and at the same time promoting the sport in Canada. The purpose behind the creation was to bring new competition from Canada and take it to communities across the Pacific up to the Atlantic.

The league will have a maximum quota of Canadian players on teams’ rosters. The structure of the Canadian Premier League will be club-based instead of franchise-based to allow maximum teams. It was first supposed to launch in 2017 and then slightly pushed forward to 2018 but now is officially launched. The inaugural season begins in April 2019. The idea of the league rose when Bob young requested an air-dome over the Horton’s field. He believed that it would help them prepare a professional soccer team that would have training all year round.

The Premier League season runs from the end of the month April until October. Every team will be playing 28 games out of which 14 will be played at the home ground and 14 away. The Canadian Premier League would not be having traditional play-offs instead they will be following the innovated structure followed by leagues outside North America. At first, the league was meant to be a lower division and would not be taking part in Major league, but now it will also compete against the Major league teams in events like the Voyageurs Cup and CONCACAF Champions League.

This league has allowed the sport of soccer to evolve in the country and become a widely participated sports event. Many people are excited and prepared to see what the CPL brings them. This will even shape the future of Canadian soccer through motivating new and young stars to step out in the field and show their country what they’ve got.

Everything you need to know about the Canadian Premier League:

So, mark your calendars for the 27th April, 2019. The inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League will begin in Horton’s Field. The match will be between York 9 and Forge FC, the “905 Derby”. Excitement among the Canadian people knows no bounds as this is Canada’s first very own professional soccer league.

In every Canadian Premier League team there will be six Canadian players. Rosters will be 50% Canadians and clubs can sign at least seven international players. Notable Canadian players who have signed with CPL clubs include Kyle Porter (York 9), Kyle Bekker (Forge FC), Nik Ledgerwood (Cavalry FC), Randy Edwini-Bonsu (FC Edmonton) and Marcus Haber (Pacific FC).


The soccer league consists of seven home teams: Forge FC (Hamilton), York 9 (York Region), FC Edmonton, HFX Wanderers (Halifax), Valour FC (Winnipeg), Cavalry FC (Calgary), and Pacific FC (Vancouver Island). All of these teams will be competing against one another in the inaugural season. Each team has 50% Canadian team members and some of the best players Canada has seen representing their home cities. Other than that these teams are professional soccer clubs. The CPL works in a club-based system.

List of top players you should look out for in the games:

1.Kyle Bekker (Forge FC)

An amazing player, who has achieved wonders at the age of only 28 and could be the next best thing in soccer. He has the potential to make his way to the U.S. leagues, which shows how talented he is and how much potential he has. He will surely be worth looking out for during the game. We’re sure he will surprise you. He has a great attacking flair and an ability to move forward and fit into good spaces on the right time. Kyle is a clever player on the pitch 

2. Trinidadian Quartet (HFX Wanderers)

They are good quality players, who are young but play with all the more passion. These players are national team players.

3. Son Yongchan (FC Edmonton)

Son played a great game in Toronto’s opening trials and had many tricks up his sleeve while playing. So, we can definitely expect some unexpected moves during the game. He plays the game like nothing can take him or distract him from his goal.

4.Dylan Sacramento (Valour FC)

Dylan is a dominant team player. His main focus is on tactics and how to practically carry out what he plans to do during the game. He timely finds himself shooting towards the goal and is good at it. He’s good at finding good spaces, breaking lines and getting in the box, which could be a great deal maker for a soccer team.

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  1. They’re not competing in the “USL championship “, but rather vs MLS Canadian based teams in the Canadian Championship. The winner moves on to the CONCACAF CL.

    “…home teams from neighboring states.” What?….they’re not even in neighboring PROVINCES – Saskatchewan does not have a team (yet), neither does Quebec (yet).

    They are allowed a maximum of 7 internationals, with the majority of rosters having Canadian content (50% +), and the starting 11 must have at least 6 Canadians. They must also play a minimum of 3 U21s for a combined total of at least 1000 minutes.


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