Group Training

🍂⚽ Elevate Your Soccer Game this Fall/Winter with Soccer Wizdom Supplemental Training! 🍂⚽


Are you ready to take your soccer skills to the next level? Join our passionate and highly qualified coaching team for a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the game.


🔵 Four Pillars of Player Development:


Technical: Master your ball control, passing, and shooting.
Tactical: Enhance your understanding of the game, positioning, and decision-making.
Physical: Improve your speed, strength, and endurance.
Socio-Emotional: Develop teamwork, leadership, and mental toughness.


🌟 What We Offer: Small Group Sessions: Get personalized attention and feedback.



Saturday Mornings: Vaughan – GTA Soccer Club, Toronto – Toronto Sportsplex
Sunday Mornings: Toronto – Toronto Sportsplex

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Price: $80.00
Indoor Group Sessions (4-8 Players) $80 per player per session. To be paid in cash or e-transfer prior to scheduled training time. Thank you for choosing Soccer Wizdom, a follow up email will be sent soon. Have a great day!