Passing and Receiving Warmup

1) Break in to groups of 5 or 6. We need two soccer balls beginning with P1 and P3.
2) We have four players on the outside, set up in between the 4 gates. Two player are in the middle, in-between the blue cones.
3) P1/P3 pass to P2/P5.
4) P2/P5 pass to P3/P1. P4 and P6 interchange position, ready to receive.
5) P2 and P5 interchange. P1/P3 play a give and go with P6/P4.
6) One minute intervals. Have the player in all three roles.
7) Reverse direction.

Coaching Points:

1) Communication (gestures, eye contact, vocals).
2) Ball Striking (part of the foot and ball, eye on the ball, locked ankle, curled toes, follow through).
3) Passing Triangle (accuracy, timing and weight of the pass).

1) Side on / Half turn.
2) Quality first touch.
3) Shoulder checks.

7) Match Speed.

Here is a Small-Sided Game where you can focus on the players’ Passing and Receiving Technique.

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