2v1 Transition 3v2


1. The exercise begins with 1 defender on White serving to 2 attackers on blue.
2. The blue team tries to score with their 2v1 advantage. (7 seconds)
3. After the shot (or White clearance) phase 2 begins with the white team countering with 3 players against those same 2 blue players.

Coaching Points:

1. Dispersal.
2. Angles of support.
3. Off-ball movement.
4. Combination play (1-2s, overlapping runs).
5. Communication (eye contact, vocals, gestures).
6. Penetration

1. Cut the field in half with your body shape and position.
2. Influence the attacking team to play towards your support defender.
3. Delay, Support, Balance.
4. Patience, staying relaxed.
5. Timing the tackle.
6. Protect the middle at all costs.

You can find Part 2 Here.

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