Briththeka 2

Soccer Training at Home – Intermediate Ball Mastery Skills – Improve Your Football Technique

Briththeka is back as she leads us in an intermediate ball mastery routine.

Topic: Ball Mastery
1) Push, Stop
2) Push, Stop, Push, Stop
3) Push, Stop, Roll, Touch
4) Triple Tik Tok Shuffles
5) Tik Toks (x4) and Roll
6) Sweeping Shuffles
7) Crossovers
8) Figure 8 Routine

This Part 5 of our new Soccer Training at Home series. Many more beginner, intermediate and advanced videos to come featuring many of our players. Be sure to follow along and master this dribbling routine at home!

“A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.”

Athlete : Briththeka Ingaramoorthy….

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