Soccer Training at Home – Static Stretching to End your Workout

SC Toronto alumni Barbora leads us again, this time with a static stretching routine. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. How is your form?

Topic: Static Stretching
1) Standing Quad (R)
2) Standing Quad (L)
3) Standing Hamstring (R)
4) Standing Hamstring (L)
5) Alternating Side Lunges (5 seconds per)
6) Calf Stretch (L)
7) Calf Stretch (R)
8) Shoulders with Ankle Roll (R)
9) Shoulders with Ankle Roll (L)
10) Triceps with Ankle Roll (R)
11) Triceps with Ankle Roll (L)
12) Neck Stretch with Variations
13) Forward Bend
14) Butterfly Stretch
15) Right Leg Extension Hold
16) Left Leg Extension Hold
17) Cat and Cow Rolls
18) Downward Dog
19) Cobra Stretch
20) Child’s Pose

This Part 4 of our Soccer Training at Home series. Many more beginner, intermediate and advanced videos to come featuring many of our players. This beginner ab and core routine will help you gain strength and balance.

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