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Turning Warmup Diagram

Turning Warmup

Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerWizdom and me on Instagram: @PierceHughCampbell I like this turning warmup near the beginning of the session. Gets the players passing, receiving, dribbling, running with the ball, turning and checking their shoulders. Instructions: 1. Have an even amount of players on the outside circle and in the square within. 2. Players …

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Passing and Receiving Technique Diagram

Passing and Receiving Technique

Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerWizdom and me on Instagram: @PierceHughCampbell Instructions: 1. P2 creates space in the box by checking out and in.2. P1 rolls the ball out and plays P2.3. P2 receives on the 1/4 turn and plays P3 on two touches.4. P3 dribble to the end.

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