Small Sided Games

1 on 1 Attacking Diagram

1v1 Attacking

Instructions: Defender serves ball to the attacker to begin the 1v1 attacking sequence. Attacker and defender play 1v1 with the attacker trying to score in the net. Defender wants to prevent a goal from being scored. If he wins the ball have him dribble up field across the end line. Coaching Points: 1v1 Attacking Change …

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Shooting SSG Diagram

Shooting SSG

Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerWizdom and me on Instagram: @PierceHughCampbell Instructions: 1. Team White will be shooting first, restarting all plays from their GK. Switch halfway through. 2. The team in possession has a time limit to create a shooting opportunity. 3. Can we encourage our players to shoot from anywhere?

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