U14 Sessions

1 on 1 Attacking Diagram

1v1 Attacking

Instructions: Defender serves ball to the attacker to begin the 1v1 attacking sequence. Attacker and defender play 1v1 with the attacker trying to score in the net. Defender wants to prevent a goal from being scored. If he wins the ball have him dribble up field across the end line. Coaching Points: 1v1 Attacking Change …

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Sprints Diagram


Instructions: P1 rolls the ball to P2, then sprints to the finish line, P2 must stop the ball with a quality touch, then tag P1 before he crosses the finishing line. Have the players to push-ups or sit-ups if the ball isn’t stopped properly, P2 tags P1 or if either play walks back to get …

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1 on 1 Defending Diagram

1v1 Defending

Follow us on Twitter: @SoccerWizdom and me on Instagram: @PierceHughCampbell Instructions: 1. Defender passes ball to attacker (roll out) to start this 1v1 defending drill.2. Attacker tries to pass the ball through the gate to score.3. Defender wins by gaining possession or clearing the ball up field.

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