Three Zone Passing Exercise

1) Create three equal teams, team in the middle starts on defence.
2) Coach serves ball to either end.
3) Receiving team must connect 5 passes and then swtich the ball to the far end.
4) Defenders send one man in to put pressure, remaining teammates form a flat line and prevent the cross ball from reaching the opposite end.
5) If defenders prevent the cross, they take the attackers zone and those attackers become the defenders.
6) Coach serves ball to the opposite end and play continues.

*Challenge the players to play switch balls both on the ground and in the air.*

Coaching Points:
1) Speed of play.
2) Movements.
3) Creating space.
4) Accurate, weighted, timely passes.
5) One or two touch passing.

Here is a warm-up you can you for a session focused on Passing and Receiving.


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